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Hello everyone and welcome to all. We would love to make some very beautiful pictures for you and your family to enjoy. We began by simply opening the love in our heart with you and your family. Then we can see the art of a beautiful picture together. I know how to control the camera to dance in this light. Now we have that beautiful Photograph for all of our families love for years to come.You can see some of my work here on the website. So lets create some very beautiful photographs like you have been dreaming about.
Now you have been asking about us, my wife and I.

JoAnn Marie Moorhead, my beautiful wife was born in Michigan and came here when she was 10. I was born here. My Dad was a tropical fish farmer so I grew up in tune with the water that I love so much at the very start of my life. When I was born I could not SEE,,,, only light shapes.... Dr. Persia fixed my eyes,,,,, thank you sir. I would love to hear from him and his family. What can I do for you. When I recovered ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I COULD SEE,,,,,,,, WOW. Some times I cry when I see beautiful things. Just look at my website and you will see the joy in my heart when I am photographing our world for all of us to see. Some of my photographs were made 350 ft down underwater on the edge of a underwater cliff that droped off to about 5,000 feet.
One year for the science fair I made a 15 foot Tesla coil that generated super high voltage that would electrify everything in the science fair hall in the old fair ground. I would win ever year as I grew up. The last year I entered a 3 unknown math equation, X Y Z,,,,, 3D. I then graphed this equation into a three dimension cube made with many sheets of clear plastic. When it was done you could see a sphere from the XYZ equation when you turn a ultraviolet light on. Then you turn the light off and you see the 3 dimension 3 unknow math equation....
When I graduated I wanted to go to collage and study nuclear physics. Could not get any help so became a color TV tech. I started making photographs and people loved my work. Soon Jacques Cousteau saw my work and I was building a better underwater camera with a dome. I did the work to make the dome port work right. I worked for Sea Research and Development build some of the finest underwater cameras in the world. I made many beautiful photographs for Jacques Cousteau and are published all over the world. My wife, being from Michigan and all that cold water, did not know how to swim. I taught her how to swim and she got her dive card,,,YES. We had a custom build boat with a third more glass in her. There is even an underwater photograph or my wife in one of the Jacques Cousteau books I love that picture most of all. She is so beautiful and I love her  with all of my heart,,,, always and forever.
Then the thieves hit us and down we went. We were shooting Tarpon Springs Sponge Divers for National Geographics. It was about that time the thives hit us. My wife was giving birth to our Son on that same day.We loss three state of the arts underwater cameras valued about $40,00 each plus all of our diving gear and 18 diving tanks. We soon lost our custom built dive boat and soon after when our daughter was born we lost our home.
We have never made any underwater photographs since that time.
Good news, my son gave me a 20 meg underwater camera this year for Chirstmas. Thank You SON.

Check the website and see what we have been doing. Go to the blue buttons on this our website.
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e-mail:  Robert@RobertGladden.com