Florida Gulf Beach
Romance by the Sea
JoAnn Beach

When you choose to spend the day with someone you love then expect a very magically adventure together filed with many beautiful things to see, to enjoy and to delight your heart. Your camera will help you to slow down just enough for you to have the time you need to enjoy the special moments of life.

Sea Shells   Sand a small shells
Sand on a Gulf Coast Beach
Macro view of Beach Sand
Sand on a Gulf Coast Beach, Closer
macro of Florida Gulf Coast Beach Sand.
Sand on a Gulf Coast Beach, Even CloserSuper Macro beach sand
Sand on a Gulf Coast Beach Super Closer
Super Macro shell aond beach sand
Sand on our Gulf Coast Beach Super Macro
Sand on the beach

The top 7 photographs are macro views of Beach Sand along our Florida Gulf Beaches. Our Beach sand is mostly made of crystal clear quartz crystals. This is why our beaches are so extra Beautiful. 

JoAnn Beach
dolphin and baby
Mother Dolphin with her Baby. 
The Sporting Great Blue Heron