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Bride on Beach at Sunset.
Beautiful Bride on a Sunset Sea Shore

Bride and Groom Kissing.

Love is Beautiful Always and Forever

Bride at Burns

00000000000000Bride  at  BERNS00000000000000

Beautiful Bride Mirror
A Beautiful Bridal Dream Portrait
Bride and Groom with soft focus
full bride and groom
Kopok Formal                   Kopok Formal
Kopok Brid and Groom
Black and white
Kopok Chapel
Kopok Bride and Groom
Kopok Ball Room
Kopok Wedding
Parents of the Bride
Formal Bridal
Formal Bridal at Kopok Garden
Soft focus Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom
Pre Bride and Groom
Bride Pebbele Creek 
Soft Focus Bridal
Beautiful Bride
The Beautiful Bridal Portrait
Formal Bride
  Formal Bridal in Home
Husband and wife on the river.     Formal Bride     Bride and Groom river and tree
Bride and fountain    Garden Wedding.
Florida Gulf Beach
Pre Wedding Romance by the Sea
Formal Bridal
Hyatt Bridal Face
Bridal and g
Bride with flowers
Bridal with flowers